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.realestate is bought to you by the National Association of Realtors and Second Generation, Ltd.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) worked with Second Generation, Ltd. (Second Gen) to secure the top level domain (TLD) – .realestate – on behalf of the global real estate industry. 

It’s a key part of their strategy for future proofing their member’s market share from the increasing digital disruption real estate professionals are currently experiencing worldwide.

Why do we need a TLD?

It’s the age of disrupt or be disrupted.

In the face of content overload, where users are searching for easier ways to find goods and services they want, TLDs (or the part of a domain name that follows immediately after the “dot” symbol) can boost an industry’s online visibility by controlling an entire corner of the internet. They make it easier to find you online.

When like businesses band together under the one TLD, it helps them:


Build greater trust with potential buyers looking for their service


Engage with customers more meaningfully


Increase marketing & advertising efficiencies & effectiveness


Redefine the competitive landscape in their favour.

Leveraging an industry TLD delivers the ultimate strategic competitive advantage to those savvy enough to stake their claim first – giving you a head start that can’t be easily replicated by your competitors.

The NAR and Second Gen’s global solution to digital disruption.

Given its convenience and round-the-clock accessibility, we know more buyers than ever rely on the internet as a source of real estate information. According to NAR research, almost nine out of ten recent buyers now use the web for their home search process.

NAR realised it was important to partner with TLD industry leader, Second Gen to secure the globally recognised term, ‘real estate,’ for the future of real estate online. Over the past 8 years, the partnership has worked on its gTLD application, review and development process to bring its .realestate solution to the industry.

.realestate is now giving the US real estate industry limitless options to market their areas of expertise – tens of thousands of territories were pre-sold before the official launch of the TLD, with further areas being claimed by real estate professionals daily.

Building a dedicated online industry channel for real estate agents

Web Associates Pty Ltd brings together a team of digital marketing, domain brokerage and hosting specialists to lead the national rollout of .realestate across Australia and New Zealand. 

We’ve been appointed to exclusively manage allocation of the premier digital territories to eligible real estate industry participants in these countries.  

But our role is both aspirational and disruptive – in an unprecedented move, we’re creating a ‘live’ online real estate channel that will be more than the sum of its parts.

Join the .realestate revolution today.

Our .realestate channel delivers exponential networking growth, with interconnected towns and suburbs across Australia and New Zealand banding together to form a united industry search signal that’s built to withstand digital disruption now and in the future. 

We’ve also created a full service solution – a free integrated set of digital tools, products and services – that enables every successful .realestate applicant to join and leverage the channel’s disruptive power with minimal effort.

https:// southperthtoorakbendigo .realestate

Average weekly cost per suburb is just $59.00


*Price based on an average across all locations in Australia and New Zealand.
Act now to confirm pricing and availability of your town or suburb.

What you get:


Exclusive Territory

Occupy an online territory (one or more locations) that’s yours alone. Use it to list, market & sell your properties.


Listings Website

Get a fully branded & maintained real estate website with automated listings linked to your industry CRM so you can update anytime.


Local SEO

All website content is fully SEO optimised and linked to a Google business page to drive your web traffic and rankings higher.


Property Spotlights

Take advantage of FREE vendor websites with unique .realestate website addresses (e.g.


Portal Listings

Vendor portal listings are FREE for all major capital cities across Australian and New Zealand (e.g.


Hosting & Support

Update content & access performance analytics anytime while we take care of your web hosting and maintenance needs.

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